Below you will find  a list of the most commonly requested details carried out by Krystal Kleen Detail although if there is a service you require that you cannot find listed the dont hesitate to contact us as many details are carried out to fit a customers personal requirements or budget.


Protection Detail - prices from £180.oo

This specification is ideal for vehicles that have previously had paint correction work carried out or are already in excellent condition. The vehicle is first treated to a multi stage wash process with all exterior surfaces then being 'clayed' to remove any light contamination. Wheels and arches are also thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before a final wash down. The exterior is then thoroughly dried with ultra plush microfibre drying towels.

A coat of 'glaze' is then applied to the paintwork prior to the sealant/waxes being applied. A rain repellent coating is applied to all exterior glasswork and a high temperature sealant applied to the alloy wheel surfaces. Tyres and exterior trim are dressed, interior glass cleaned and exhaust pipe trims polished. 

This process typically takes an average of 6 hrs so the vehicle will be ready the same day  if an early booking is taken.

Enhancement Detail - prices from £300.oo

An enhancement detail is the perfect solution to give your vehicle that extra 'lift' in its appearance. It is perfectly suited for vehicles that have had paint correction details carried out at some stage in the past and have unavoidably picked up some slight paint marring and swirls from washing over a period of time. Even on a previously 'un-detailed' car the results can be quite impressive and is probably the most frequent booking request we get.

The specification is as above for the Protection Detail with the addition of the bodywork received a 'chemical' decontamination prior to being 'clayed' to remove any ingrained contaminants. The exterior paintwork will then be machine polished with a light abrasive polish to remove minor swirl marks. This will give an added depth and clarity to the paintwork and especially on metallic and dark colours where it will allow the metallic flake to show though.

A rain repellent coating is applied to all exterior glasswork and a high temperature sealant applied to the alloy wheel surfaces. Tyres and exterior trim are dressed, interior glass cleaned and exhaust pipe trims polished.

This specification will normally take between 8 and 15 hrs depending on the size of the vehicle it is carried out on and would normally be required for a two day booking.





New Car Detail - prices from £220.oo

When picking up you their new car most people would expect it to be in pristine condition and with a flawless paint finish...unfortunately this will usually be far from the truth under closer inspection. Most cars spend the very early part of their life either stored in industrial compounds at dockside and/or being transported long distances by road or train. This is where contaminants are picked up...sometimes quite heavily!!! The same vehicle will normally be washed a couple of times during these trips at large high volume prep centres where time is of the essence. If you have previously bought a new car from a dealership you will probably also have experienced the 'Supagard/Guard X/Diamondbrite' package that they recommend you have for anywhere between £199 and £600. This cost around £40 to buy and takes less than an hour to apply...i dont think anymore needs to be said there................ This is where our New Car Detail perfectly compliments your newly aquired pride and joy.



Firstly we will strip all manufacturers protective transport coatings and/or vinyl coverings from the vehicle (if applied). A multi stage wash will be carried out and then the vehicle will be decontaminated' with a fine  clay and rewashed to remove any residues. A single stage machine polish will then be carried out to the paintwork to remove light marring and swirl-marks. The paintwork will then be cleansed with a pre wax cleaner prior to a coat of sealant being applied which will then be followed by a coat of wax for added protection.

The wheels will be sealed and the glass also treated...... and tyres dressed. The interior will have all protective transport sheeting and plastics removed prior to being thoroughly vacuumed.

All interior surfaces will be cleaned and treated as necessary. Leather if fitted will be treated with conditioner.Carpets will be treated with a long life fabric protectant.

Interior glass cleaned. The vehicle will be then given a final inspection prior to handover.

This detail will require a one day booking

 Interior Detailing - price from £65.oo

Now that the exterior of your vehicle has been treated to one of our exterior detail specs why not let us bring the interior back up to 'as new'.

  • All interior carpets and loose mats vacuumed
  • All interior trim thoroughly cleaned
  • Leather upholstery given a light clean and nourished with leather feed.
  • Ashtrays and door pockets emptied and cleaned
  • Glovebox and all other compartments cleaned
  • All metal trim cleaned & polished
  • Wood surfaces polished and waxed where applicable
  • All trim dressed to customers preferences
  • All mirrors and glasswork polished to a crystal clear finish
  • All rubber trim cleaned and treated.
Deep cleansing of carpets and additional mats can be carried out at an additional cost. This service normally takes 2-3 hours.


For the ultimate in preparation we are pleased to be able to offer the 'Senza Eguali' which quite simply translates as 'without equal' !

This detail encompasses all of the above ...and more......this is quite simply the pinnacle of perfection!!!

Watch this space for details...................