This is a write up i did for a Detailing World thread back in 2008 of a rather special car i did prior to its official press launch and also its unveiling at the prestigious Salon Prive event at the Hurlingham Club in London.

Clicking on any of the photo's below will take you to the gallery of pictures taken during the work process


I've been waiting for this job to turn up for a while now since seeing one of the prototypes last year just before the Goodwood festival of Speed. Today was the day - albeit at very short notice. Arrived at the customers just after 10am.

The car had been delivered direct from the factory in Dresden, Germany in a covered lorry which was just as well as no before prep was possible due to the car alraedy being in the showroom buried behind another 5 cars. Initially the car looked in extremely good condition with just a few water marks where it had been leathered off with a chamois . No claying or washing required, although i would have preferred to.

The car was ordered in Maraschino Black which turns out to be a 1982 Jaguar colour. When the sun shines on it it looks stunning with all the red flake in it. This is one of only three RHD cars in existence. One is at the geneva Motor Show awaiting shipment onto New Zealand and the othrer is at the factory awaiting shipping to Singapore. And this one......................

The brief given to me was to make it look 'special' with some magic Dodo Juice potion. So on with the job.

First was the 50/50 paint test. Considering it was very warm in the showroom i thought i'd bring the Menz 85RD out of retirement on a 3m black waffle pad on the rotary. Spread on low speed at 900rpm and then increased to 1400rpm. One hit and

wiped down......









 First thoughts were how easy this was going to be as the paint was as soft as butter and was coming along nicely with minimum effort, a pleaseant change to the usual BMW/VAG and Mercs i get.

Gave the car the compulsory taping up with 3m 3434 tape and assembled my armoury in the corner of the showroom. Steadily worked my way along the front wing with the Menz and the car was showing a significant improvement. But it seemed as if marks were appearing that weren't there before :confused: After a bit more testing it seemed the paint was almost too soft and some marring was being caused if the polish was worked a fraction too long which is something i have never experienced before. A bit more playing with the polish and i found a method that suited which basically came down to making sure the polish was broken down sufficiently but without overworking it, this started to increase my work time considerably. But these things happen

It was soon realised that a 100% correction wasn't going to be realised in the time allowed so a method was adopted to achieve maximum improvement and still allow for me to complete the other jobs that needed doing.

Stayed with the Menz 85RD all round with the 3m Black Pad and only swapped over to 73mm pads for the smaller more intricate areas where space was at a premium .

Then changed over to a Blue 3m Finishing pad and MarkV IP200 Depth Restorer. This worked quite well and added some extra depth to the finish. Also this worked clear very quickly. This is what i was left with........


Next, onto the wax of choice - Dodo Juice Blue Velvet. This was applied to the whole vehicle with a german applicator and left whilst i paid attention to the wheels (RS4's)

 with some Malco Outrageous Orange on a microfibre and wheel swab. Fronts and backs were cleaned quite quickly as there was only a very light layer of brake dust from transport. Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax was then applied to the wheels and calipers whilst i buffed the bodywork. Back to the wheels for a buff off and then decided to add a coat of Purple haze for good measure. This was left to cure whilst the exhausts were cleaned with Autosol as were various engine parts. All engine plastics were treated with Malco Appeal Dressing. Buff off body wax and................





 Within a short while the car was off to Salon Prive with 'Champ Cars' where a few pictures were taken by the owner and can be found here.

Also a very good write up and review from Pistonheads from around the same time.