The folllowing detail specifications are specifically aimed at the Exige & Elise models of the brand. Marc has many years of experience with these models that allowed him to fully understand the intricacies of the models and the needs of the owners in particular and to this end a specification that we feel offers excellent value for money and maximum WOW factor built in....
 Lotus Enhance & Protect - price from £285:oo

This detail begins with a the lower half of the vehicle being treated to a citrus TFR soak along with door and engine compartment shuts. Wheels will be presoaked in appropriate wheel cleaners before being pressure washed to remove heavy soiling.

A high foaming wash will be applied to the bodywork and left to dwell while the front and rears of the roadwheels are cleaned  (where accessible) .

All accessible areas of the wheel arch areas are then cleaned with various brushes to remove any built up road film and mud deposits before all areas are given another rinse.

On Elise models the fabric top is given a deep clean to remove dirt build up before being given the final rinse.

A chemical decontamination is then applied to the bodywork and wheels to remove built up ferrous contamination before being rinsed and finally 'clayed' with a fine/medium grade clay to remove any final contaminants.

Once all bodywork and glass areas are free of contaminants all residue is finally rinsed from the bodywork, wheels, arches and shuts before being thoroughly dried with ultra plush micro fibre drying towels.

Once completely dried all paintwork is treated to a coat of paintwork cleanser applied by machine, all shuts and wheel faces are hand applied. This is then followed up with a double layer of sealant applied to bodywork and shuts whilst the wheels have a high temp wheel specific sealant applied to the faces.

Exhaust tips are cleaned with dedicated metal polishes and abrasives where necessary in the presence of heavy carbon deposit build up.

All exterior glasswork is treated to a hydrophopic 'rain repellant' coating.

Both seats are unbolted and removed from the vehicle prior to work beginning on the interior along with any overmats that are fitted.

Overmats are given a thorough  shampoo and an application of fabric protectant once thoroughly dried.

Leather seats are cleaned with appropriate leather cleansers and protectants. Alcantara/Fabric inserts are cleaned with appropriate cleansers with fabric protectant applied upon completion.

The whole interior and luggage and storage areas are vacuumed of any loose debris prior to cleaning.

All interior metal floor surfaces are cleaned/polished and sealed.

All trim is deep cleaned prior to being dressed. Interior glasswork  and mirrors are polished to a smear free finish.

On Elise models the fabric top is treated to an exterior weatherproof protectant before being refitted to the vehicle. All rubber door and roof seals are treated with rubber feed.


Vehicle is then given a final wipe down with finishing spray before being checked over prior to customer handover.

This detail normally requires a full days booking.


Road wheels removed to allow for a more intensive cleaning and sealing of both the rear faces and wheel arches and liners. from £65:oo per set

Calipers & Hubs repainted to either original specification or customers preference. from £45:oo per pair or £80:oo per set of 4


Krystal Kleen Detail have worked closely with Brooke Kensington in Bicester for the past eight years and have built up an excellent working relationship built on quality and trust. With that in mind why not have your vehicle treated to one of our Lotus specific details while it is booked in for your servicing work or performance upgrades and cut down on time spent arranging seperate appointments,collections and deliveries.